November Theme:
Pursue Your Faith
Pursue Your Faith
God is calling His people to come up higher.  You are a new creation in Christ and you have been raised up with Him and seated with Him in heavenly places (Eph. 2:6).  This is your spiritual position in Christ.  It will take faith to make this position a reality in the natural.  As you continue to set your mind on the things above not on the things on earth, you will align yourself with God's will and you will see things from His perspective.  When you have His perspective, you have control.  You have control over every situations that you face and every circumstances that you go through.

Often time when situation and circumstances come at us we tend to react with fear, panic and anxiety.  Have you ever read any where in the Bible that Jesus respond to thing in fear, panic, or anxiety?  Exactly the opposite, He was very calm and peaceful.  When the disciples were in frantic and fearful during the storm, Jesus was calmed and peaceful sleeping in the bottom of the boat.  No amount of storm was to able to distract or bring Him under its power.  His focus was on the Father and the things that are above and eternal.

Remember, you are dead and your life has been hidden with Christ.  The degree you come up higher, the degree you put your self life to death.  When you give no room for self focus or self pity, you are dying to self every day.  When you face challenges in life, you will overcome because you will have the right perspective to see your situation from God's point of view.  And you will respond according to God's will.

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