December Theme:
Pursue Your Faith
Pursue Your Faith
I Want the POWER!!!
From Dream to Destiny

Have you taken a hold of the dream God has given you and prepared you self
Promotion can come in one day. Are you ready?
Do you really trust in your heart, so when the Tests come you still know where you’re headed to your destiny?

If you aren’t humble enough to understand it’s your obedience to God that enables Him to give you the Power to Birth your
destiny but only if you believed your dream.

When the test comes, sometimes we fail because we weren’t ready
Where does Power come from?
This Scripture tells us that all Power comes from God, if we respond and do the right thing
3. We must understand it isn’t all you that makes your success.
And please don’t think that God drags you around pushing and pulling you in and out of success
4. Without the Blessings of God you won’t have it either
5. But if you’re not primed and ready you will never have it, because you didn’t believe in the dream.

Gods Authority, Gods Advancement, But your righteousness.

You were created for Righteousness from our all Powerful God

Power is not for our God it’s to Bless others. God made Joseph great so he could save a nation.
Jesus said if anyone desires to be great in the Kingdom they must first become a servant of all.

Timothy said if we desire an office of leader or Bishop, then we desire a good thing (POWER)

Power comes to the Humble- He doesn’t say the defeated.
But the one who understands who we are in God and who he created us to be. (Operating in His Power.)

Why would God fill you with His Power?
Jesus was filled with Gods Power because He went about doing good, Healing all who were oppressed.

From supply to Demand but it’s you in the middle

Gods Recourses (Power)        ===         You         ===         The Need
                         (Supply)                                                                                         (Demand)

the Hurting
the Hungry
the Sick

God gives Power to help people. Because He loves People

God wants to invest His Power in you to Bless you and the People around you.

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