Face to Face with the Pastor

I was born in Ravenna, Ohio in 1955. My parents had already met the Lord and had a strong
desire to serve Him. They purchased a 1944 retired school bus that had a porch added to the
back. Dad converted the interior with sinks, a toilet, bunk beds, and a mini kitchen. They
attached a ringer washing machine to the back porch so my mom could still take care of the
laundry. In 1958 my little brother was born and we finally set out  for Reno, Nevada. We lived
in the bus in Reno for only a short time and moved on to a town about 40 miles away called
Fallon, Nevada. It was here that my parents had found why the Lord sent them out. It was to
minister on the Reservation to the local Indians. I saw a lot of poverty and a lot of drunkeness,
and witch doctors with all their strange ceremonies. One particular vision I remember is when
anyone was sick the witch doctor would kill a chicken and put the blood on tops of their door
frame of their house and he would sprinkle blood around the yard as he chanted and danced
around. The Indians had great fear of their witch doctors. Using the truth from the word my
parents continued to instill in me that God was greater and more powerful then these witch


The Lord only had us there about 2 years and we moved to a small town outside of Yerington, Nevada call Mason. This is where my
parents started their church. They purchased a very large property with a two story house on it, with plenty of room to build. My dad
and I did all the construction for the church ourselves. This church is where the word was sown into my heart. One story that still
makes me laugh is when I had learned about David slaying Goliath with a sling and a stone. I wanted to find out if that was even
possible, so I made my own sling with leather straps and a leather tongue off a pair of shoes I had. I found out that I could sling a rock
2 ½ blocks with accuracy. I felt the power and knew the story was true. The stories I was learning always seemed so big, I don’t know
why I always felt a need to investigate the possibilities of these details. Jesus was scourged with a whip made of leather straps or cords
and tied on the ends were pieces of broken bone or metal, so my brother and I took phone cord and made two whips similar to this. We
found it would chop weeds, and take branches off of trees, as we were playing my brothers whip recoiled and hit him in the face and
went through his check, and out the other side. It made me realize the torment and the depth that Jesus went through for us. Why did I
ever question. We lived there and served in the church for 10 years. Another church opened in the town and my parents felt this was
their release to move on. Dad heard of a job in Emmett, Idaho so off we went.

Now in High School I started to play Football, and was introduced to drinking, drugs and a lot of carousing. At the age of nineteen I
realized all the teaching and the seeds of truth that were sown in my heart earlier was now coming to a decision, what was I going to do
with Jesus? I was lost. Just because I was baptized when I was 7 didn’t mean I knew Him as my personal savior. One day when I was
alone and listening to the salvation message from Billy Graham. I knew this message like the back of my hand, but there must be more,
how can I get the victory over sin. Then I heard the song “How long has it been since you kneeled beside your bed and prayed the whole
night through” This made me weep to the depths of my soul and fell to my knees. I confessed my sins and for the very first time my
burdens were lifted. That day I made a commitment to Him to preach the gospel. I started to preach the gospel to my buddy’s, and won
several of them to Christ. I served 4 yrs. as a Bus Pastor, preached as a youth Minister, and taught Sunday School Classes. Through the
years I have helped plant churches.

Now my wife Shari and I have started River of Life Christian Center. 

We are excited to be moving forward for the kingdom of God, seeing lives transformed for the Glory of God.

Pastor Franklin Perry

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